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Price of theodolite in Nepal (Cheapest)- Updated

In this post, we have posted the Price of theodolite in the market of Nepal. The price of the instrument may vary with the given price range here.

What is Theodolite?

Theodolite is an optical instrument used for vertical and horizontal angle measurement accurately. It is used for prolongation of survey lines, finding the difference in elevation, and setting out engineering works requiring higher precision. Here we have provided the price of theodolite in Nepal.

Price of theodolite in Nepal

Surveying using theodolite
Surveying using theodolite

1. Micro optic theodolite – Nrs. 3,60,000

This theodolite can be used in geodetic surveys, engineering surveys, and for all routine survey work.

2. Spectra Precision DET-2 Electronic Theodolite – Nrs. 1,93,600

Item model number ‎DET-2
Material: ‎Aluminum
Display Style ‎: LCD
Included Components ‎Hardshell case, manual, NiMH Recharge pack
Battery Cell: ‎NiMH
Warranty: ‎2 Years

3. Prexiso T02 2 Electronic Theodolite – Nrs. 1,58,000

Telescope Magnification: 30X
Objective aperture: 45 mm (1.7 in)
Working range: ± 3’
Operating temperature: –20°C to +50°C
Protection from dust and water: IP54
Type of battery: Rechargeable NiMH, replacement alkaline battery pack
Operation period without laser plummet: 36 h

4. Geomax Electronic Theodolite, Model: Zip 02 – Nrs. 1,28,000

5. HET5 Electronic Theodolite – Nrs. 1,12,000

6. Electronic Laser Theodolite – Nrs. 1,24,000

How to get survey instruments at cheap price in Nepal ?

You can import instruments from foreign countries like India and China at a low rate and pay tax. You can import from sites like Alibaba.

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