Latest Cement Price in Nepal

In Nepal, there is an availability of various brands of cement. Every brand claims itself as the best brand with a high-quality product. If you are in search of the best cement for any type of construction works, you are at the right place. Here, we have provided the latest cement price in Nepal.

Before starting, Let me know there are different types of cement. But generally, two types of cement are generally used, i.e.

  1. Ordinary Portland Cement
  2. Pozzolana Portland Cement

Price of Cements in Nepal

1. Price of Shivam Cement

shivam cement
Shivan cement packet

Shivam cement was established in the year 2003. The art technology adopted by the company for this plant consists of the famous European standard German technology as well as the Danish technology of grinding cement to achieve the distribution of fine and controlled cement particles.

Shivam Cement is a commercial manufacturer of 3000 TPD cement and 1900 TPD clinker from non-corporate stone quarries. It is made of high-quality limestone from its own mines in Sukoura and Ipa Panchakanya Districts. He is one of Nepal’s leading cement manufacturers.

Price of PPC Cement: Nrs. 530 – 750

Price of OPC Cement: Nrs. 570 – 820

2. Price of Ambe Cement

Ambe cement packet

This company has made Nepal more self-reliant in the demand for cement. Ambe Cement is one of the leading companies in Nepal, in terms of quality cement. Ambe cement provides an international cement quality industry with true quality.

Price of PPC Cement: Nrs. 640 – 750

Price of OPC Cement: Nrs. 720 – 800

3. Price of Arghakhachi cement

price of arghakhachi cement
Arghakhachi cement packet

Arghakhanchi Cement Pvt. Ltd (ACPL) is one of the largest producers of OPC and PPC cement using the same production plant nationwide. For ten years, the company has been producing high-quality clinker using ultra-modern Rotary Kiln technology. Thanks to the use of high-quality limestone, the company’s products come with a super fineness that ensures the best quality for each particle.

Price of PPC Cement: Nrs. 590 – 750

Price of OPC Cement: Nrs. 690 – 820

4. Price of CG cement

price of cg cement in Nepal
CG Cement packet

CG Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. is located in Dumkibas, Nawalparasi, Nepal and is of the highest quality, fully functional using the latest “Closed Circuit with” Centralized Control Room (CCR) Monitoring Technology. This plant has been manipulated, customized to make it more compact and to ensure that pollution is reduced to a minimum.

Price of PPC Cement: Nrs. 650 – 750

Price of OPC Cement: Nrs. 750 – 850

5. Price of Jagadamba Cement

Founded in 2001, Jagdamba Cement is a unique brand name in the Nepalese market. The company has since been a market leader in cement production in Nepal. The company also has the largest share in the Nepal market. As a top cement producer in Nepal, the only producer of cement OPC, PPC, and PSC.

Price of PPC Cement: Nrs. 610 to Rs. 750

Price of OPC Cement: Nrs. 650 to Rs. 850

Price of PSC Cement: Nrs. 700 to Rs. 750

6. Price of Sarbottam cement

sarbottam cement price in nepal

Sarbottam Cement is the first and only cement producer in Nepal to fully use the European production line. It is a new and pioneer in the Nepal cement industry. It provides a variety of cement for PPC, OPC, and PSC in Nepal.

Price of PPC Cement: Nrs. 590 to Rs. 750

Price of OPC Cement: Nrs. 720 to Rs. 850

Price of PSC Cement: Nrs. 750 to Rs. 850

7. United Cement

united cement price in nepal

United Cement Pvt Cement Production Plant. Ltd is located in Village Jugedi District Dhading, 17 KM from Kathmandu, Dhading District.

It offers different variations of OPC and PPC cement. United Cement is equipped with modern dry process and heating technology prior to five stages. United Cement guarantees green space for Eco manufacturing. Indeed, it is one of the finest cement found in Nepal. Latest united cement price in Nepal:

Price of PPC Cement: Nrs. 680 to Rs. 750

Price of OPC Cement: Nrs. 700 to Rs. 850

8. Hetauda cement

Hetuada Cement Industries LTD (HCIL), established in BS 2033 Ashwin 13 under Company Act 2021, an act of HMG / Nepal. The plant has an annual production capacity of 260000 MT of Cement and was introduced with the help of a loan from the Asia Development Bank (ADB). It has started its commercial production in December 1985.

Price of OPC Cement: Nrs. 840 to Rs. 950

9. Pyuthan cement

Latest Pyuthan cement price in Nepal:

Price of PPC Cement: Nrs. 670 to Rs. 700

Price of OPC Cement: Nrs. 770 to Rs. 800

10. Brij cement

Price of PPC Cement: Nrs. 640 to Rs. 790

Price of OPC Cement: Nrs. 775 to Rs. 825

Where to buy?

We can buy from the local market or through an online platform like

The price of cement may vary from the given price on this site. Hope you got the latest cement price of

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