How much tax should you pay while importing goods from India to Nepal ?

Tax is a contribution of financial charge for government to spend for the public. The tax collected from general people, companies, and organizations is invested in the development of the country. Thus, we need to pay a certain amount of tax from our income to the government. Normally, 25% Slab tax is to be paid by companies. While importing goods from India to Nepal we have to pay VAT and certain other taxes.

There is an open border between Nepal and India. So that, you can also buy personal items without paying tax. The majority of Nepali living around border areas go to India for shopping. People say that India is cheaper than Nepal.

Taxes and Charges you should pay while importing goods from India to Nepal :

  • Custom Charges and ECS
  • 13% VAT

In Nepal, a Custom charge is applied on the basis of ad valorem basic. Custom charge varies from 0 to 140% of the cost.

You can check Custom Charge and VAT by clicking here

Also, check Custom Charge and VAT while importing from the USA – Click here.

Check Customs and ECS for every item – click here.

You are now about the topic “How much tax should I pay while importing goods from India to Nepal? ” by visiting the above links to calculate.

How to import products from India and the US to Nepal at a cheaper rate?

You can buy from sites like Amazon and Flipkart by using the site Iwishbag. They import your goods from India and the US by clearing all Customs and ECA, VAT, and other applicable charges. Also, they take shipping charges on a weight basis.

After opening the site you should click Place Order. You should paste the link to your item there.

Congratulations, You created an order.

You can pay through debit/credit card, internet banking, and mobile banking. Also, you can pay for that item after delivery.

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