7 Ways To Earn Money Online In Nepal | Without Investment, No Scam

During this lockdown everyone is frustrated. Those who were doing jobs are now jobless except medical and government workers. Peoples are now hopeless. Many of them are in search of alternative sources of income. Do you want to know -“How to earn money online in Nepal without any investment? “.

Before beginning “How to earn money online without any investment“, let me give you one suggestion.

Have you read -“Rich Dad, Poor Dad“?

If not so please read it! It will give you tremendous ideas to earn passive income.


Well! I said, “without any investment” in the title. But don’t be confused. I mean without financial investment. Investment of time is mandatory. Let me introduce two conditions. In the first condition, You have a certain skill and in the second condition, you have no specific skill. You will need PayPal/Payoneer account to receive payment. If you have not created PayPal/Payoneer account, then create one now.

How to create a PayPal account in Nepal?

earn money online in nepal without any investment

Earning money online in Nepal with specific skill

If you have a certain skill like video editing, photography, copywriting, SEO, graphics designing, translating e.t.c. then you can do work as a freelancer and earn money online in Nepal.  You can earn more than you have expected. Ways to earn money in Nepal with specific skills are:

  • Working as a freelancer for making cash in Nepal 

If you have any skill then You can earn lakh of rupees a month working as a freelancer. You can work as a freelancer on Freelancer.com and Fiverr. But to work as a freelancer, you must have certain skills. If you have skills then these freelancing sites can provide you income more than your expectation. You can work as a copywriter, Translator of Language, web developer, app developer e.t.c. You can signup, make your profile(Bio Data) and then start bidding on works.


  • Selling photos – difficult but strong way of earning money online in Nepal

If you are a professional photographer or have a camera to shoot photos and videos then you can sell your content online.

Shutterstock, Alamy, and Getty Images can be great platforms to sell your photos.

  • Google Adsense/ Starting Youtube Channel/ Blogging

Earning through YouTube/Blogging really requires patience. You can start a youtube channel/blogging as per your interest. Select a niche and start doing. It may take time to get you channel/website to get thousands of view and to get monetized. You should not lose your patience. Because the one who can withstand this phase of a couple of months can only be successful.

Are you good in Gaming ? Learn how to earn money in Nepal by Playing Games.

Even my friend 4K Gaming Nepal is earning lakhs in a month just by live streaming and uploading gameplay videos on YouTube. If he can then why can’t you?

You can make short videos at your home with your family and upload that on YouTube.

      • You can also search “Creative Common Attribution” videos on YouTube.
      • That video can be reuploaded.
      • You can do some edits on that video and then upload it to YouTube.


  • How to earn money online in Nepal through App development?

You can learn app development, make an app, put it on the play store, wait for people to downloading and running your app, and boom. Now, You are earning money from google ads. You can learn app development by watching YouTube videos. Android studio can be a great option for a professional one. You can also throw your app development skill gigs on Fiverr.

  • Can I earn money online through Affiliate Marketing in Nepal?

Yes, You can. Affiliate marketing is the process of helping to sell products of certain brands or companies for getting a commission. There are no local brands or products (as far as I know) that are running affiliation programs. But you can get affiliates to Amazon, Hosting sites, and from local vendors if you are lucky. 

For affiliate marketing,

    • You should choose your niche,
    • Make high-quality content on your website or youtube channel
    • Learn how to be an affiliate marketer
    • Participate in affiliation programs

Earning money online in Nepal with basic skill

Don’t expect to earn one lakh rupees per month with no specific skill. You can earn some 20 to 30 thousand rupees without any skill. Here I have provided some measures to earn money online in Nepal with some basic skills,

  • Selling Photos online for Artificial Intelligence

You can also earn easy money by selling photos for artificial intelligence purposes. Sites like Clickworker pay you around 5-20 Euro for 15 Photos. You should not be a photographer to take photos. Just basic guidelines as mentioned on site are to be followed. They promise to use photos for Machine Learning purposes only.

I had also earned 75 euros from this site. The amount will be deposited on your account every 7th of the Month. You have to wait for 28 days after you submit photos to get paid. But, believe me, you can earn money from this site without any hard work.

Also, You can do UHRS jobs in Clickworker. You should pass the English language test to get started with UHRS. Don’t worry, They ask basic ticking questions.


  • Selling digital products online

Now, the Banks of Nepal are providing International Prepaid Dollar Card to their customers. You can also get a Prepaid Dollar Card from any bank in Nepal.

After getting Card You can Sell Digital Products. You can buy Shells from the official site of FreeFire-Garena. After buying shells, You can sell them through Facebook Marketing. I have seen many peoples doing it and earning money.

  • Share Market  for Money- Primary & Secondary

I still remember how I fill the IPO (Initial Public Offering) of NIFRA. I didn’t know about IPO before. Thanks to social media for informing me about that thing.

I earned Rs.50,000 net profit by selling NIFRA IPO from two accounts. There was no money in my pocket. I took loan from my friend and filled NIFRA IPO. I asked My brother to fill but he negleted. Now he is regreting.

Just don’t regret like my Brother.

IPO can be a good source of passive income. You can make DMAT and MEROSHARE account for all of your family members. You can check Sharesansar.com for updates. After getting some knowledge of Share Market you can enter into Secondary Market.


Until you are confident, don’t enter in Secondary Market. You should learn to invest. But, If you are a student and have a low budget then don’t go for the secondary market with less than 1 Lakh rupees.

  • Earn money through Facebook Marketing

Here in Nepal, You can earn money from Facebook with simple but extraordinary tricks. You can earn money through Facebook in two ways. First by creating a Facebook page, growing it, and earning an audience. After getting a targeted amount of audience, you can sell that Facebook page. The second one is, you can contact some local dealer/retailer to make deal with them to sell their product online. Do some advertisements online spending hundreds of rupees. You can learn copyrighting to increase your customers.


Learn how to earn money in Nepal by playing Games.

  • At a Glace,

There are tons of ways to earn passive money in Nepal. Your earnings depend upon your capacity, knowledge, and skill. You can also learn any of the following Video Editing, Programming, Graphics Designing, and Technical analysis of the Share Market. Hope you found how to earn money online in Nepal.

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