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How to get a free domain in Nepal? Also, free hosting in Nepal 2022

Technology has driven today’s world toward automation and digitalization. Every business is on the Internet. You can find the solution to any question just by googling it. Google is the name of a domain. Do you know where that answers are stored? These data are stored on hosting servers. Web servers are running 24 hours to run websites. Today I am going to help you to get a free domain in Nepal. Also, free hosting in Nepal 2021.

get free domain and hosting in Nepal

How can I get free domain and hosting in Nepal?

Well, You can get a free domain and host from Mercantile and Infinityfree respectively.

How to get a free domain in Nepal in 2021?

You can get free domain under.NP ccTLD Before starting on how to get a free domain and web hosting in Nepal now, let me clear you that,

  1. The domain name must be part of your name
  2. For your domain name, you can use your name and identification number like citizenship number. You can also use a shortcut of your name. For details read by clicking here. 

To get a free domain in Nepal follow the given steps:

  1. At first, go to
  2. After that, check if the domain name you want is available or not. As mentioned above, you must use your name and identification number for your domain name. Otherwise, your form will be rejected.
    • For example: if your name is “Shyam Karki” and your citizenship number is 12345, You can choose your domain name as, “”, “”, “”
  3. If the domain is available click on register now.
  4. We are going to use Infinity Free for free hosting. So, Under Primary Server Name type, ““, and under secondary server name type, ““.
  5. Fill the form as in your citizenship. Remember, you must use the same email address for Domain registration and web hosting.
  6. Click on save and continue.
  7. Now we have to create a cover letter for submitting a form for domain registration. So, go to this site and enter your details. Your cover letter will be generated. Click on download.
  8. If it says an error like, “Filer greater than 200 KB are not allowed“, then you can use the image compression tool. Click here to compress your image. To compress image,
    • Click on upload files
    • Select your image and upload
    • After completion of compression, click on download.
  9. After uploading your citizenship and cover letter, submit your form.
  10. Afterward, within the same day or after one working day, you will receive a mail from Mercantile like this:

To get free web hosting after getting domain follow these steps:

  1. After you receive mail from .np Domain Registration, Goto
  2. Now, Click on the client area on the top right corner.
  3. Click on signup.
  4. Of course, after filling up the form click on Sign Up.
  5. Now open your mail-id. Open the mail that you received from infinity free and click on verify the email address.
  6. Click on create an account.

7. Choose Custom domain under domain type and enter your domain name. Also, click on search.

8. Now click on Manage.

9. Congratulations, now you are logged into your hosting C-panel.

10. Now wait for a maximum of 72 hours until your server DNA completes propagation. Now you can access your site after 1 to 2 hours. After that, you can manage your site manually.

How do I manage my site?

My promise is complete. Despite I have completed the topic, “Get a free domain and web hosting in Nepal now”, having a domain and hosting is not only enough. In fact, You should learn to make your website. You can use WordPress to make your site dashing. To install WordPress,

  1. Click on the control panel from this page
  2. Click on Softaculous Apps Installer.
  3. After that, Click on WordPress.
  4. Also provide site name and site description. Enter the admin username and password which you are going to use to manage your website.
  5. Theme is the beauty of your website. Thus, select the theme as your choice and then click install.
  6. After completion of installation, go to your for managing your website.
  7. Finally Congratulations. Now your query, “How to get a free domain and web hosting in Nepal” is clear.

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