Scope of Video Editing in Nepal – Salary at 2021

The scope of Video editing in Nepal is broad. Video editing is the process of arranging short video clips in order. Editor removes unwanted clips, selects the best clips, creates the sequence of video, and gives a video life. It is post-production work. Young generations are attracted to this industry. Globally, the Scope of video editing is wide. There is a high demand for a video editor. Is there a really good scope for video editing in Nepal? – Yes. In Nepal, Video Editing is in the initial phase. Video editing can be taken as a career. If you have storytelling capability then welcome, this industry is really waiting for you.

Since this field is in starting phase, I can see a bright career in video editing. There are no production companies like Hollywood and Bollywood. With time, Nepali Films and media are developing. This can be a plus point for you. There is less competition in this work.

One can earn 1 lakh plus monthly by working as a video editor in Nepal. Just imagine how is the scope of video editing in Nepal. As per data in, the average salary of a video editor in Nepal is Rs. 54,600. With the easy internet connection available, you can learn video editing from sites like YouTube and Udemy.

scope of video editor in Nepal

Scope of video editing in Nepal

  • You can work on media houses. They are always in search of one who can animate, edit video as per the script, and have good skill.
  • Working with a post-production company to sharpening your skills. Movie editing in Nepal requires soft video editing skills. You do not require professional VFX skills to start on.
  • Sharing your knowledge on online platforms like Udemy and YouTube. You can also start to teach on Udemy by making your own video editing course.
  • Managing marriage, birthdays, and other special events.
  • Working as content creator for social media marketing and brand promotion.
  • Freelancing by providing service online.

Where to work as freelancer ?

You can use your skills to make short YouTube videos. After your channel gets monetized, you can earn money. You can also find sponsors once you start getting views on YouTube.

Fiver :
Fiver can be a great platform to start off. You can create your bio mentioning your experiences and skills. After, the hiring company will hire you on the basis of your capacity.

Freelancer :
In Freelancer, You can bid on the assignment posted by the hiring company. The hiring company selects the one on the basis of the bidding amount and your qualifications.

Should I take video editing as my career ?

re passionate about your work, then you should. You can even earn money by doing a part-time job as a video editor. Soft editing skills are sufficient to make videos for YouTube. You can use Filmora if you are just willing to learn it. But if you want to make it as a career, then before you decide think if you,

  • have storytelling ability?
  • can sit in the same chair for dozens of hours?
  • have imagination power?
  • Does your family support you?
  • Do you have determination?

Learn video editing free, click here to enroll.

Also, you can learn video editing free on Vimeo

Where to learn video editing in Nepal physically ?

If you want to learn video editing physically, then you can search for video editing courses in your locality. I think you can learn software like Premiere Pro and After effects online at cheaper rates.

In Conclusion

If you are really interested in video editing, just start right now. Don’t listen to anyone, neither me. Once you started don’t see back. Just go up and up. Don’t leave to learn. If you get confused, YouTube can help you.

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