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Cgnet(CG Internet) – All things that you must know

Cgnet (CG Internet) is providing internet at 120Mbps bandwidth internet at just Rs.999 which is insane. As we know, Mr. Binod Chaudary, the richest person in Nepal is the owner of CG Corp. Global has promised to provide high-speed internet at a low price with an exceptional customer experience.

CG Communications Executive Director Nirvana Chaudhary says CG Net started with a commitment to providing Nepali people with fast internet at affordable prices. He says there is a huge demand for high-speed internet and high quality of daily use in Nepal, and the company is doing everything possible to ensure its presence in the broadband market and lead the nation in the digital age. With Nokia’s technical assistance CG Communications will be able to provide quality services and meet all future needs.

Cgnet offering 120Mbps internet at Rs.999
Cgnet offering 120Mbps internet at Rs.999

How Cgnet(CG Internet) is providing 120 Mbps at Rs.999?

There are several factors influencing the price of Cgnet. Here, I have tried out to sort out the main reasons behind its price.

1. No Advertisment

As we know that, any business at a startup requires a large investment over advertisement to introduce and make people familiar with your business. In the case of Cgnet, Mr. Chaudary has made a clever decision. Instead of investing in the advertisement, He fixed the price for 120Mbps internet at Rs.999.

Media as free advertiser

Since the price of the internet is quite more comparing with the speed and service in Nepal, Media started to promote Cgnet(120Mbps at Rs.999) as news. People started to query about Cgnet and the public started giving attention to it. Hence, Mr. Binod Chaudary is the richest person in Nepal due to his smart decision and management capabilities.

2. Low expenditure

New startup/ No maintainance cost

For upgrading, old running telecoms and internet service providers have to replace old wires with new optical fibers. So, old ISP’s have to invest more amount for upgrading internet service. Since Cgnet is in its beginning phase, it has less maintenance cost.

Few manpower

Also, little technical manpower and worker are required which decreases the expenditure of Cgnet. It is expanding its service from Kathmandu valley to all over Nepal.

3. Startup with Loss

Since the price of Cgnet is too low from giver bandwidth, it is going with the mentality to recover from loss over time. CG Net corp. global will be at loss for few years, which will be recovered as it is expanded all over Nepal.

4. Mr. Binod Chaudary

Mr. Binod Chaudary is the founder of Chaudary Group. He is well known for his entrepreneurship and business skills. With his smart actions, he can recover from any sort of loss and expand his business all over the world.

Chech, CG Corp. Global Website

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CG Internet price

Plan 1 month3 month6 month12 month
120 Mbps9992,9975,99411,988
One time Set-Up charge
Installation ChargeFreeFreeFreeFree
Drop Wire ChargeFreeFreeFreeFree
Single Band Router250020001500Free
Dual Band Router350030002500Free
Refundable deposit500500500500
CG Internet Price

Check CG Internet Pricing in detail Here



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