Money Making Apps – Earn easy money 2022

Do you know that you can earn money from your smartphone? Yeah, there are some real money making apps that most people don’t know about it.

If you are in search of free legit money making apps to make money online in your free time, then you are in the right place.

Don’t expect to earn 1000$ in a day through an app.

Here we have reviewed 50 apps and sorted out the best top 5 money-making apps here. Also, we read reviews of people and their experiences with those apps.

Money making app

Top 5 money making apps

1. Clickworker – Best money making app

You can also earn easy money by selling photos for artificial intelligence purposes. Sites like Clickworker pay you around 5-20 Euro for 15 Photos. You should not be a photographer to take photos. Just basic guidelines as mentioned on site are to be followed. They promise to use photos for Machine Learning purposes only.

I had also earned 75 euros from this site. The amount will be deposited on your account every 7th of the Month. You have to wait for 28 days after you submit photos to get paid. But, believe me, you can earn money from this site without any hard work.

Also, You can do UHRS jobs in Clickworker. You should pass the English language test to get started with UHRS. Don’t worry, They ask basic ticking questions.

2. Swagbucks – Get gift cards or cashback

You have to take part in surveys, watch videos, and play games to earn “SB”. “SB” can be used to redeem gift cards or get cashback to your PayPal account. Rewards may seem low at first. But you can get more after you start to earn with it.

The minimum balance required to redeem depends on the payout method. Even some gift cards can be redeemed for 140 SB. This is the best money making app to make easy money.

3. Survey Junkie – Get paid to take surveys

You can take part in the different surveys to earn money from $0.5 to $3. Each survey session takes less than 20 minutes. During signup, you have to take a small survey about your living situation, income, shopping habits, pets, and level of education.

Once you have 5$, you can withdraw via PayPal or redeem gift cards.

4. Airbnb – Rent your property

With this app, you can earn money by renting your property. You can rent rooms or any other property to make cash. Airbnb is a great platform to convert your empty real estate into instant cash by renting.

With Airbnb, you can reach out to billions of people globally. Also, it covers one million dollars in property damage protection and one million dollars against accidents in each booking.

5. Google opinion rewards – Earn a dollar in 10 minutes

You can earn 1$ by investing your 10 minutes of time in the ‘google opinion rewards survey. The minimum balance for withdrawal should be 2$. You can withdraw money into your PayPal account having the same email ID that you used in Google opinion rewards.

Earn more than $1000 a month

You can earn a few dollars through these apps. To earn more, you should learn some skills. Don’t get into the easy money making apps by taking part into surveys. Because you can earn around 100 dollars but you can never reach even $1000.

If you have a certain skill like video editing, photography, copywriting, SEO, graphics designing, translating e.t.c. then you can do work as a freelancer and earn money online. Ways to earn money with specific skills are:

1. Freelancing

If you have any skill then You can earn more than $1000 a month working as a freelancer. You can work as a freelancer on and Fiverr. Freelancer and Fiverr can be great money making app for you. But to work as a freelancer, you must have certain skills. If you have skills then these freelancing sites can provide you income more than your expectation. You can work as a copywriter, Translator of Language, web developer, app developer e.t.c. You can signup, make your profile(Bio Data) and then start bidding on works.

2. Selling photos 

If you are a professional photographer or have a camera to shoot photos and videos then you can sell your content online.

ShutterstockAlamy, and Getty Images can be great platforms to sell your photos.

3. Google Adsense/ Starting Youtube Channel/ Blogging

Earning through YouTube/Blogging really requires patience. You can start a youtube channel/blogging as per your interest. Select a niche and start doing. It may take time to get you channel/website to get thousands of view and to get monetized. You should not lose your patience. Because the one who can withstand this phase of a couple of months can only be successful.

4. App development

You can learn app development, make an app, put it on the play store, wait for people to downloading and running your app, and boom. Now, You are earning money from google ads. You can make your own money making app. You can learn app development by watching YouTube videos. Android studio can be a great option for a professional one. You can also throw your app development skill gigs on Fiverr.

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