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Metaverse – The digital 4D space where time travel is possible

The Facebook Company has changed its name to Meta. The “Metaverse” word is found to be used in the articles regarding Meta Company and Facebook all over the internet. Metaverse has taken this world to the next stage of the internet and realities. Its aim is to evolve social connections

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the endless world of Meta where people interconnected with virtual communities can work, meet and play. It is the digital world full of virtual and augmented realities. In this world you can do anything that is impossible in the real world.

Two old people playing chess virtually
Two old people playing chess virtually

I love watching 3D movies a lot with VR(Virtual Reality) technology. But I don’t like wearing VR Box on my face. I think most people don’t like too. Well, I think I should talk about the Meta.

Application of Metaverse

Horizon Home

At first, Meta’s 1st project is Horizon Home. As Zuckerberg presented, We will be able to create any sort of digital space or the 3D virtual environment around us. Just think, how much fun it will be! Creating the environment of mountain in your own digital space is horizon home will be awesome.


In Metaverse, you can do gaming as a Freeguy movie AI character. You can feel, touch, and interact with those 3D materials in the game.

Film and Music Industry

Musicians can do concerts in Metaverse digital space. Millions of fans can attend the concert in digital space. Also, it will change the cinematic universe. We can literally visit thor on Ragnarok.

Meet Up and traveling

Are you away from your loved ones? Don’t worry! with this technology, you will be able to meet with your parents anytime. Even, you can have a virtual dinner with your parents in your digital space.

Metaverse introduces time travel concept


Metaverse will be 4D(Four-Dimensional) world where you will be able to travel into any past timeline. You will be able to jump into any timeline. In Metaverse, you can create a virtual environment of any past timeline. You will be able to create an ancient city or any place in your own space. I do not mean you will be in a real timeline. That will be just virtual.

Don’t think to create the Grandfather paradox because you will be traveling into the virtual timeline. Also, You will not be able to meet your future real children on metaverse.

The ultimate Metaverse

In the final stage, Metaverse will be real as the physical world. Everything will be connected on Metaverse. You can make virtual friends, can take part in any virtual events. You can use any items before buying virtually. You can visit any store in any part of this physical world and get the experience of that item.

Personal Opinion regarding Metaverse Concept

Mark Zuckerberg is a person full of determination, knowledge, and capability. After the success of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has introduced Metaverse to this world. I think this is the perfect time for Metaverse. I am so excited to experience this 4D world where I can travel to the past.

While Zuckerberg was sharing his vision, I was in think about the movie – “Freeguy”. Will Metaverse will be like Freeguy world? Just comment down your thoughts.


1. Metaverse vs Multiverse

Metaverse is a digital space whereas Multiverse is a physical world. Metaverse only exists in the digital world. Metaverse does not have any real physical form but Multiverse does. A multiverse is a group of multiple universes.

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