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Neuralink Project- Connecting human mind with computer

This project has the capacity to change the whole world. Neuralink can convert any human to superhuman. This device can even change human civilization. “Elon Musk”, one of the richest people on this planet, is the head of this project. Neuralink project was just started to solve human illness. This project was made for those who were physically ill, who can’t see, and for those who had lost their body parts. This project was started thinking to place the chip in the human brain to control artificial body parts. Neuralink has not been used on the human body. This chip was first tested on a pig’s brain.

Neuralink Project

What is Neuralink?-Understanding the concept

Neuralink consists of two words: Neura and Link. Neura means Neuron which works as an electrical wire in the human body. Neurons transmit messages and signals from our brain to different parts of our body due to which our body works correctly.

For example, let us consider you are playing a song on your mobile phone. The song is finished. Now, the next song is starting which you don’t like. In this condition, you will skip that song. To stop music, you have to press stop on your touchpad. This process seems very easy but the mechanism has very complications. While you play music, your ear takes input. Your ear transmits input to the brain. Now your brain will decide whether you like that music or not. If your brain decides you don’t like that music then your brain will send a signal to your hand to stop that music. The time involved in this mechanism is just 2-3 seconds.

Neuralink project- Monkey learns to play Ping Pong Game

Imagine, what will happen if when the brain decides, our hand also reacts immediately without involving the transmission of the signal. In this condition, you will be superhuman. It doesn’t sound familiar. But the Neuralink project is in a positive way. Just before some days, Elon musk released a video related to Neuralink.

In that video, money was playing the Ping Pong game. In that three minutes video, that money was learning to play games on the computer with his own brain. When the monkey was playing the game, a person was describing the process. Neuralink was reading and transferring the activities of Monkey’s brain. The computer was decoding the data transmitted from the Neuralink chip. They stopped the device. But also, the monkey was playing the game. The monkey was able to learn the Ping Pong game with the help of Neuralink.

Neuralink is a small chip. With a small surgery, that chip will be placed on the human mind. After that small surgery, any human can be superhuman. This device will make us half human and half machine. When the whole world was running for artificial intelligence, the idea of Nuralink came to the mind of Elon Musk.

Beginning of Neuralink Project

There are two types of people on this planet. One is in support of artificial intelligence and the other does not. One believes that with artificial intelligence, our life will be easier and another type believes that AI can be dangerous to human civilization. According to Elon Musk, in the speed that we are in the way of artificial intelligence, AI will be so much smarter and will not allow anyone to control it.

For example, You don’t like it if your parents control you. Just like that, Smart AI will not like our order and it may make itself smart which may be dangerous to humans. Elon musk said that we must be advanced as AI is being. With natural evolution, it may take more than 300 years for the advancement of humanity. So, starting the Neuralink project was the best choice. This Neuralink chip can provide a new way for human civilizations.

Comparing human brain with super computer

Our brain is the most complicated thing. For example, let’s compare the human mind with a computer. A computer requires a large amount of electricity to run but our brain just needs 20 watts of electricity to run. With the electricity running in our mind, you can just glow a one CFL bulb. The research was conducted to find out the real power of the human brain. A supercomputer had taken 40 minutes to know the 1-second activities of our brain.

This means that a supercomputer can do work in 40 minutes which a human brain can do in a second. Thousands of processors and 1.4 Million Gb of RAM was fitted on a supercomputer. Hence, the human brain is much powerful than any computer and device.

Features of Neuralink chip

The dimension of this chip is 23mm*8mm. The battery of this device can run for the day. You can charge this device without a wired charger. Also, you can connect this device with your mobile phone and with other devices. You can watch your brain activities with this device on your computer and phone. In the beginning, the price of Neuralink will be high. With time, the price will decrease with an increase in production.

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