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7 Secret Network marketing tips to achieve success

Hey, you awesome person! Congratulations, you are just about to explore important network marketing tips for beginners that I followed to be a successful networker. I am trying my best to help you to achieve success in the field of Multilevel Marketing(MLM).

Network Marketing is a business model which is based on direct-selling of products instead of retailers, wholesalers, and other middle persons.

It doesn’t matter who you were before joining network marketing! Even your income and investment capabilities are not the major factors for your success in the field of marketing.

Actually, what matters is your learning ability, ambition, determination, social skills, and marketing skills. You can only succeed if You can tolerate mental and economic pressure from yourself and your family while traveling through the road of Multilevel Marketing to get into the peak of the mountain.

What you are going to achieve through MLM depends on what you aim for and the level of your seriousness. Here we have provided you with some tips to achieve success and these tips apply to all the beginners either you are from the United States, or the United Kingdom, or Canada, or from any corner of the world where MLM is legal to do.

If you don’t know what is Multilevel Marketing, check out Multilevel Marketing(MLM)


1. Choosing the right one

Network Marketing tips No 1: Don’t join any MLM companies without prior studies. Choose the right team with the best mentor.

How to differentiate between MLM, Pyramid scheme, or Scams and choose the right one

There are many companies running Pyramid schemes and Scams in the name of MLM. Even some are running without a legal permit. So, Always choose the popular companies having huge probability with proper research.

Before joining any company, check the profile of promoters and owners. Also, know the background of owners and their history. This is because many owners of Pyramid Schemes based companies have a bad profile.

Check if the company can fulfill the demands of the market in the future. Find out, the financial reports and check out if the company is in expanding or in its last phase.

Don’t choose the network marketing company whose name has been involved in the list of pyramid schemes or scams.

Find best niche for you

You have two options to choose niche :

  • Choose the niche that you are expert on. For example: If you are beautician, you can join the MLM company having products related to face, skin and hair with proper research.
  • If you are joining for passive income and want huge profit, choose the companies selling health related products. You can choose any niche manually but choose the one to which you are much familiar. You have to study and learn much more in this option. If you are confident then only your prospects will believe you.

FAQ: Why you should choose companies selling health-related products?

Answer: This is because of the uncontrollable pollution and considering the future market of allopathic and ayurvedic sciences. Peoples are ready to pay any amount for their health.

Understand compensation plan and find best mentor

You should also understand compensation plans and other income-generating methods before joining any network marketing company. Because you are joining MLM to earn money and to generate passive income. Sort out the compensation plans of the companies and choose the best one.

Choose the team having the best mentor who can guide you. As per my experience, If you choose the right mentor, your chance to be successful is doubled.

Don’t expect to have income from the day after you join the MLM company.

2. Attend every training, seminars, programs and be motivated

network marketing tips

Network Marketing tips No 2: Attend every training, seminars, program, and be motivated.

Training and Seminars are the most important source of knowledge for networkers. You can learn much more about culture, products, plans, and methodology to recruit more members. Also, you can be clear any of the doubts with your great uplines and seniors. Being a beginner in the field of Network marketing, you must attend every program.

You must be able to describe products of your company, plans, and rewards that the company will provide after reaching a certain level. If you are not confident, you can not make your prospect believe in you and ultimately you will lose a prospect.

I still remember that I had my first partner after 36 days of my joining. Remember that until you got the essential saturation level, everyone will reject your offer. No one will believe you. You should not let your motivation get down. Self-motivation is the key to success in any field.

3. Your first recruitment

Your prospect can be anyone including your best friend, brother, any family members, and your boss.

If you are confident about yourself in terms of recruitment then have a meeting with your prospect yourself. Don’t be sad if your prospect is negative because it’s just a first try.

Ask your upline for help, if you are not confident and don’t want to lose your first prospect. Arrange a meeting of your prospect with your upline.

4. Fixed target and team bonding

Network Marketing tips No 3: Have a fixed target and maintain proper bonding between you, your uplines, and downlines.

Fix some targets for you. List out the probable name of people that you are going to prospect.

For example, I used to target at least 10 Members from my class and one high-profile person like my professor to join my team within the 30th of June.

You should play an important role to manage proper relations between you, your uplines, and downlines because you can have more benefits from your upline. You can ask him/her to recruit for you if you are unable to achieve your target. Hene, Maintain a good network with your uplines.

Also, to achieve a common goal of a team, everyone should have a common vision and follow the guideline of your uplines.

5. Priority to quality rather than quantity

Network Marketing tips No 3: Focus on your partner/downline and give priority to quality rather than quantity.

Focus on the quality of your downlines or partners rather than on recruitment. Also, Offer them training and seminars, and if your team is big, even you can hire successful networkers, motivational speakers, and business personnel for providing motivation.

Emotional relation with your downlines

Ask them their problems, about their situation, and understand their problem. Then do whatever you can do for them and maintain emotional relations with your downlines. Also, Never ever underestimate your downline or partner because He/She can be your greatest diamond.

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Make your downline independent on you

You can only get success if your downline becomes successful. Hence, You should make your downline independent in terms of making decisions, finance, running training, and seminars.

Remove the feeling of crosslines

The feeling of crosslines among your downlines can be toxic to you. So, You must remove those sorts of feelings by fixing some common goal for them.

6. Change perception of people towards you

Network Marketing tips No 4: Change the perception of people on your behalf. Amaze them by showing them your latest gentleman version.

MLM is all about showing off. People are seeing you in the way that you are willing to. If so, Let’s update your latest improved version in society by changing your dressing style, being a gentleman, and make people believe that you are earning good money.

Let the people around you start you to ask, “Hey Andy, What are you doing nowadays, Can I know your secret behind this Rollex?”

7. Master the Art of Recruiting

You must know the answers to those questions which your prospects are going to ask you. Preparation is required before you start to recruit. So, Proper knowledge and research about the company, products, and plan are essential.

It takes time to master the craft of prospecting and making them join. You should be able to analyze the thinking and perception of people and also to identify the probable downlines.

Turn yourself into a brand.


In the success of every networker, their determination and tolerance ability are the major factor. For being successful in Network Marketing, you must be disciplined. If you can wait for success then MLM/Networking for you. If you want overnight success, even Stock Market is not the best idea.

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Hope these network marketing tips will help you to achieve what you are willing to.

May God bless You!



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