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How to apply for the TikTok Creators fund? Get $1000 from TikTok Creators Fund now

Using TikTok, there are several ways to earn money. In this post, You will know how to apply for the TikTok creators fund. Before applying for the creator’s fund, you should check your eligibility. You can only apply for the TikTok creators fund if you are from the United Kingdom, France, United States, France, Spain, Italy, or Germany.

Before applying for the TikTok creators fund, check your eligibility if:

  • You have 10K followers?
  • You are or above 18 years old?
  • You have at least 100K views in your video in last 30 days
  • Your account and your content follows TikTok community guidelines
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Steps to apply for the TikTok Creators fund

  • Step 1 : Open TikTok app on your Phone. Be sured that you are logged in.
  • Step 2: Click on three points button on right top corner of your device screen
  • Step 3: After that, goto Pro account
  • Step 4: You can see TikTok Creators Fund there. Click on TikTok Creators Fund.
  • Step 5: Now, you can see Red Apply Now button on you screen. Click on Apply Now.
  • Step 6: If you are above 18 years old then click on Confirm.
  • Step 7: Choose your Country of residence and currency. Tick on agreement above the next button and then, Click Next.
  • Step 8: Congracts, You have succesfully joined the TikTok Creators Fund. Now you have to wait for at least 3 days to get updated balance on your dashboard.
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How much money can I earn from TikTok Creators Fund?

Well, there is no limit on the money that you can earn. You will be paid based on the engagement of viewers on your content and your views count. Also, Your income from the TikTok creator fund also depends upon the geographical areas of your viewers. If you have more viewers from the US, UK, and Europe, you can have more income as compared to Asian Countries.

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Get $1000 from TikTok Creators Fund

Since there is no limit to earning through Creators Fund, you can get $1000 easily. Once you have significant traffic and engagement in your TikTok videos, you will get payment from that fund. To earn more from this fund, you will require more engagement and more traffic. To increase your engagement in your TikTok videos, simply,

  • Make and Upload Your Content
  • Experement with your viewers with different type content
  • Realize your faults and increase your editing skills
  • Remake Other Contents
  • Make videos more and more until you got your $1000 from TikTok Creators Fund



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