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Earn money by playing games instantly – 2021

Thinking to take gaming as a career or source of side income?

I know everyone wants it! The craze of gaming is increasing day by day. Gaming is taken as a career by youths, teenagers, and even by an aged uncle. So let’s start on “How to earn money by playing games”

earn money by playing games.

Are your parents must be scolding you because you just play games every time?

If you are a professional or noob player and want to earn money by playing games then this post is absolutely fruitful for you. Here I have provided you full Gita to start gaming as a career here in Nepal.

Well, You should choose a gaming platform first. Either choose Pubg Mobile,  Freefire, or any other games as a trend. Just focus on one game at the beginning and try to be professional. Once you are familiar with the game, you can start earning money online.

Even If you are Noob, You can earn money playing Games.

How to make money by playing games?

1. Taking part in Tournaments to earn money by playing games

Yes, you can earn money by taking part in local and international tournaments. At first, you should have your own squad for taking part in the tournament. Export organizes gaming tournaments. You can take part in any international tournament.

Local tournaments are also organized by YouTubers, gamers, and certain organizations. You can join the discord server of Gaming Clubs, YouTubers, and organizers.

Click here to join the discord server of 4K Gaming Nepal. You can get tournament info there.

Click here to register for the solo free fire tournament.

2. Live streaming and Content Creation for making money by playing games in Nepal

You can also earn by starting your own youtube channel. Don’t worry if you have just started gaming. There are many YouTubers earning just by reacting and publishing short videos on youtube.

Do you think he is a professional gamer?

But see how interactive is he? You should be interactive with your audience. I have seen many Nepali teenagers who are good at Gaming and have impressive skills but they don’t talk and show their faces in videos. And they end up with hundreds of views only. So if you are one of them then you should start to do interact with the audience. Even if you are bad at gaming you may earn huge subscribers and followers.

You can also start blogging related to gaming. If you want to start click here for more information regarding the gaming blog.

You can also stream on the Twitch app and earn money. Streamers earn money around 5 to 10 lakh by streaming up to 40 hours a month. You just have to struggle at the beginning. 

Selling Gaming ID (Not recommended) to earn money

I still remember the day when I sold my clash of clans ID just for 5000 rupees. Most teenagers max their ID and sell at a good amount. It is not legit to sell gaming ID but people are doing it.

So to earn money by playing games in Nepal, you can sell your ID by means of Social Media and using hamrobazar. There are Facebook groups where you can find buyers of your ID. But be aware! Some people may take your ID but they don’t pay you. Don’t give your ID to anyone without payment at first.

3. Quality Assurance Job

Game is the outcome of programming and visualization. So, to find the flaws, mistakes and to improve the gaming experience, Company hires QA. You can also work as QA to earn an attractive amount of money.

Most of the companies/Game developers are hiring QA having four years’ degrees. A basic understanding of Programming and Video game development is required to be a QA. Since there is no video game developing company in Nepal, QA is quite difficult to be in Nepal.

4. Be a Professional Gamer

You can also get a large profit from sponsors as a professional gamer. After starting gaming as your career you can get more opportunities. You can develop your gaming skill while earning money by streaming, creating a content, tournament, and by organizing gaming events.

You can’t earn money just after starting. Improve yourself to be successful in any field.

You can be the one to earn money by playing games.

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