Why you should invest in Stock Market?

The stock market is well known for liquidity. You can convert your stocks into money whenever you want! Since the price of the stock will always go up with time, there is always profit in the stock market in long run. Here are some reasons why you should invest in the stock market.

why you should invest in stock market?

Reasons why you should ever never invest in Stock Market

1. Passive income

We can generate passive income from the stock market. Share market always rises up with time. You can income from capital growth, dividend income, bonus share, and tax treatment. If you don’t like volatility, return, income, and stability then this is the reason why you should ever never invest in the share market.

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2. Transparent investment

In the stock market, everyone has equal chances to earn and lose. Any company divides IPO to the general public equally. There is equality. Everyone can buy stocks. No person can buy more than others. If the market is up, everyone is on profit and if it gets down everyone is at loss. So, if you are not expecting to have more than others then this is the reason why you should ever never invest in the stock market.

3. Compounding power

Everybody loves the compounding formula. Your investment is being compounded each year. If you invest $1200 each year for getting 8% profit on year for 20 years, you will get $60,570.51. So, if you hate compounding then please don’t invest in the share market.

4. Easy entry and easy exit

Unlike other businesses, You can enter and exit into the share market whenever you want.

For example, I can enter when the market is low and can exit when it is high by earning a good amount of profit. If you don’t like its flexibility and liquidity, you can go for traditional business.

5. Short term return

You can trade to earn profit in a day or couple of days. Short-term trading is an efficient way to earn money in a short time. You should be able to analyze the market or stock technically. If you don’t want short term return, then this field is not suitable for your brain.

6. Minimum investment

You can start investing in the stock market with hundreds of dollars too. There is no minimum threshold required to enter this market. If you are willing to run a franchise business, you will need thousand of dollars for starting up.

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