[Top 10] Business Ideas in Nepal 2022

If you are busy then you are doing business. In a developing country like Nepal, there is a high chance of being successful in business. There is less competition in every sector. This post is for everyone who is looking top 10 business ideas in Nepal. In this blog, I have provided you Top 10 Business Ideas for Nepal 2021.

1. Investing in Vacant Land

vacant land
Vacant Land

One of My friends sold 5-aana land getting 50 lakhs profit. You can get a large profit if you have money to invest in land because the population increases but the land do not.

Investing in land is a secure way to earn. You can do anything on land that you buy. You can also give land on lease. The value of land always grows with time. Investment in land is one of the top business ideas of the top 10 business ideas in Nepal.

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2. Food Truck Business

food truck - one of the top 10 business ideas in Nepal
Food truck business

The concept of the food truck is new in Nepal. It may sound alter, but believe me, you can do that. You can serve a variety of launches and street foods to people. The cost of the truck may be less than owning a restaurant, I mean no more than 10 to 15 lakhs.

Before you start a food truck, be ensure that a food truck is allowed in your targeted area. Do concern with the respective governmental department. You are not allowed to sell in the area of other restaurants. If you are selling Mo: Mo park your truck near a hotel that is not serving Mo: Mo.

If you are really interested in this business, you can get more information on How to start food truck business in Nepal?

3. Establishing your Garment Business in Nepal

You can start a garment factory and make money. Garment factory makes clothes. You can have a good margin of profit. Starting with a knits garment like T-shirt will be best. Garment Factory is a third top idea from the top 10 business ideas in Nepal 2021.

4. Raising Precious tree

Trees like Raktachandan (Sandle Wood) can be raised. You can sell those precious plants. The government also provides funding for such activities. You may contact DR. Kapil Poudyal for plants. Planting trees can be a long-term investment.

5. Trading items – Best business idea

Trading can be a good option. From sites like Alibaba, Items can be imported at cheap rates. Don’t get shocked by seeing the price in Alibaba. More quantity means less price. There is a system of minimum order quantity. You can even debate them to decrease the price.

Be sure that the goods that you are buying are protected by trade assurance. For importing, You can contact the local trade union of China. You can sell those products online in daraz or in-retailer shops.

6. Investing in Share Market

stock market

If you have 1 Lakh rupees, just invest 50 thousand for the long term. Use that remaining 50 thousand on short-term trading. There is also a proverb, “Don’t marry with stocks, Flirt as much as you can“.

It is quite risky to invest in stock. More risk means more gain.

7. Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital marketing can be a nice platform. You can sell digital products online. You can sell products like google play cardstop-up for games, and many more.

Nepalese banks are now providing prepaid dollar cards with a $500 limit for a year. You can use a credit card to resell digital products too. You can also provide digital marketing services by registering your company.

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8. Starting Livestock Farm

Yes, you saw the right one. You may have heard that engineers and doctors running goat farms in Nepal. We can earn around 5-30 thousand profit from single goat. You can also raise goathen, and Pig.

You can get funding from Nepal Government for running the farm. Nepal government is providing loans at 2-5% per annual under different schemes.

You can contact any bank near you for information.

9. Blogging


What you should have for blogging is patience. You can blog about any niche that you feel comfortable with. As a blogger, you can share your knowledge online, refine your writing skill, and the most important thing – you can earn online.

With blogging, you can develop the art of content writing. You can do content marketingStarting blogging is easy but being constant is hard. Blogging is one of the best ideas among the top 10 business ideas in Nepal.

10. YouTube Channel – Creating videos

YouTube can be a great platform for content creators. Record, do some touch with editing software and upload on YouTube. You can share anything that you know with YouTube.


Once you monetize your channel through Google Adsense or any other advertisement network, you can earn money.

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