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Primerica MLM – Everything you must know about scam 2022

Primerica MLM is a leading financial service company that is MLM-based providing insurance plans and financial services. This company had issued an initial public offering worth 21.36 Million shares at $15 and became a public company.

Talking about its business model, it is based on the concept of utilizing the networks of people. Yes, It is a Multilevel Marketing Company. It doesn’t matter what do their agents say.

Primerica had made $654.7 total revenue according to the quarterly report announced on June 30, 2021. Also, 133,123 new members were recruited. The company is growing and growing.

award progamme conducted by primerica

Products of Primerica

Primerica’s main product is Term Life insurance. They are providing life insurance at an affordable price. Primerica offers additional life insurance policies for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years, but your options depend on your age. Some of Primerica’s long-term policies (such as 30-year and 35-year options) only guarantee premium rates for the first 20 years. Your premiums may increase after this time, and you may lose coverage if you cannot afford the additional costs.

S.NTerm LengthGuaranteed Level PremiumAvailability by Age
1.10 years10 years 18–70 years old
2.15 years15 years 18–65 years old
3.20 years20 years 12–60 years old
4.25 years20 years 18–55 years old
5.30 years20 years 18–50 years old
6.35 years20 years 18–45 years old
Insurance plan of Primerica

Is Primerica MLM scam or pyramid scheme?

No, it doesn’t look like it because A.M Best has provided a rating of A+ to this company. Also, it is a public company. Companies based on pyramid schemes do not provide financial reports. Since it is MLM-based, the price of products is quite more than other normal companies.

How does Primerica MLM works?

To have more income, you should recruit more downlines. Also, To get success, you must make your downlines able to recruit more. Any MLM company focuses on the training and personal development of networkers.

Great Upline is the one who was primarily recruited by the company directly. In simple words, the Great upline can be called the branch and you as the leaves of the tree. All the leaves are from a stem, and all the stems are from the branch. So, all the leaves are indirectly connected with steam. Your great uplines will always motivate you on recruitment because they also earn money from your recruitment.

Also, Any agents/networkers of MLM companies including Primerica MLM will reprogram your mind. Within two to three meetings, Any good Networker can change your anti-MLM mind to wow-MLM mind. Hence, Any person joining MLM will start to imitate their seniors. In MLM, I have found that downlines are just imitating their uplines.

To be successful, not only in MLM but in any marketing industry, you should learn the art of selling. More selling means more profit for the company and more commission for you.

After you join the company, your upline will provide you detailed information and strategy related to

  • How to recruit more people?
  • About handling rejections
  • How to follow your prospects?
  • Method to sell Insurance policies
  • and also, How can you earn money?
  • Culture of company

If you don’t know about MLM, check out MLM (Multilevel Marketing)

Payments from Primerica

Don’t expect to earn a fixed amount of salary from Primerica. You have your once choice to write payment for you.

So, If you want more income, you have to work on your personal development, focus on the selling policies, more recruitment, and providing the best training to your downlines.

Primerica believes in Kingmakers and in all the kings but not on only one king. So that, it has MLM based business model.

Should I join Primerica MLM?

In my opinion, joining Primerica is not a bad idea and also the best idea. As far as I know, people give first priority to health rather than insurance. So, If you want to join MLM, then you should prefer to company having products related to health.

According to research done by NRH, it has been found that within 2030, ayurvedic treatment will replace the current allopathic system except for some critical cases. Many European and US universities have included ayurvedic in their curriculum.

You should think about joining yourself. It’s better to think at the beginning rather than regretting at the end.

It’s about you – Myrna Guerrero, Primerica National Sales Director

When I sit down with somebody, I can share with them that it doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are. We’re gonna do the right thing for you. Also, We’re gonna protect you and we’re gonna work with your budget. It doesn’t matter what kind of income you make or don’t make because the truth is that we help families with as little to invest, as little as $25 a month. And that’s a big deal because other companies don’t want to touch you, don’t wanna talk to you.

And if they do, you’re calling the 800 here. You have us. We want to make sure that you are protected the right way and that you can save some money so that you can have an incredible future. It doesn’t matter if we’re rich or not, but at the end of the day, having more money is better than having less money, right? So that’s the goal. And that’s what we want to do. So we’re excited to help people.

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