Norwex MLM: Don’t get into this scam 2022

Introduction to Norwex MLM

Norwex is the name of a network marketing-based company. It is running its business in 22 countries including the United States and the United Kingdom. Also, over 91,000 independent consultants are associated with this company. In the United States, Norwex is located at 800 W Bethel Rd #100, Coppell, TX 75019.

According to, Norwex is ranked at 23rd position out of 855 home-based businesses. Bjørn Nicolaisen and Debbie Bolton are the owners of Norwex.

Before starting, If you don’t know what is MLM, then check out MLM(Multilevel Marketing)

History of Norwex Company

At first, In 1994 Bjørn Nicolaisen founded the company in Norway after discovering that microfiber cloth could only clean a dirty and bed bug-infested air window.

Its popularity continued to grow and was finally introduced to Canada by Debbie Bolton as the Norwegian Norwegian Enviro Products in 1999.

It then expanded to Australia, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, England, Sweden, and the USA.

Bjørn Nicolaisen worked for the Norwegian Department of Environmental Affairs as a lawyer before Norwex was established. Since, He was the representative of the Norwegian Nation in the Office of the Attorney-General, he established his own law in 1988.

Its aim is “To improve the quality of life by completely reducing household chemicals.”

Products of Norwex

Norwex is selling microfibres, cleaning products, face, and body-related products. Also, It claims that all of its products are chemical-free. Products of any long-term MLM company should be used by people use in their daily life. This company have products like

  • Micro fibers,
  • Household cleaners,
  • Personal care items,
  • Sheets, Hand & body towels, Window cloths,
  • Mops, Dusting mitts and Pet towels

How to be Norwex Consultant?

To register as a Coordinator of this company, you will need to purchase at least one $ 200 one-time Starter Kit.

At first, You have to generate $ 2000 + in retail sales within your first 90 days to will receive that Starter Kit for free (you will only have to pay $ 9.99 for shipping and handling and taxes where applicable).

The chances of you achieving that goal are very low. so, you will need to purchase your Starter Kit anyway.

This Starter Kit contains a number of products that you can personally use, resell, or offer as samples to potential customers as well as training materials and business equipment.

  • Starter Kit: $200 one-time fee + $9.99 for shipping and handling
  • Silver Kit Builder Package: $150.63 one-time fee (optional)+ $9.99 for shipping and handling
  • Gold Kit Builder Package: $260.71 one-time fee (optional)+ $9.99 for shipping and handling
  • Platinum Kit Builder Package: $428.84 one-time fee (optional)+ $9.99 for shipping and handling
  • Office Suite: $9.99 per month (optional)
  • Office Suite Plus: $11.99 per month (optional)

How do Norwex sells their products?

  • A consultant from Norwex comes to your house to introduce you to their products.
  • Since you are having a party, you are given a discount depending on the number of items your friends are buying. You can also consider some free gifts based on the products your friends buy.
  • The Norwex consultant who provided the product launch will receive a commission for every sale he makes.
  • The Norwex agent who hired the presenter also receives a commission, as well as the person who hired the Norwex agent, and so on.

How to earn from Norwex?

Norwex income Plan
Norwex income Plan

You can earn in different ways like through seven compensation plans and by achieving the rank.

Compensation PlanBy achieving rank
1. Four Star Free Host Program
2. Personal Retail Sales Discount
3. FreshSTART Rewards Sales Plan
4. FreshSTART Rewards Team Building Plan
5. Qualified Recruit Bonus
6. Uni-Level Commissions
7. Monthly Car Bonus
1. Sales Consultant
2. Team Coordinator
3. Sales Leader
4. Executive Sales Leader
5. Vice President Sales Leader
6. Senior Executive Sales Leader
7. Executive Vice President Sales Leader
8. Senior Vice President Sales Leader
Methods to earn from Norwex

Message from Regional director of Norwex, Brian O’Callaghan

The regional director of Norwex, Mr. Brian O’Callaghan said, “At Norwex, people are our most important asset! In fact, the reason we exist is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes, while offering people an outstanding business opportunity. Our Independent Sales Consultants decide how to market our products, whether it is by organizing home presentations, participating in trade shows, or through catalog sales.

Norwex is a dynamic company devoted to working with our Consultants and their families. Also, We are committed to providing motivated people with solid entrepreneurial opportunities. Our purpose is to find women and men who have dreams and goals in common with ours and to offer them the advantages of a global organization.
So, If you are powered by a desire to work for yourself, determined to succeed, and interested in helping our environment, Norwex is the opportunity you have been searching for. Join us part-time, full-time, or big-time, and together we can improve the quality of life!”

Why should you join?

  • Well established company.
  • Also, This company has achieved 23rd rank in term of house-based business.
  • Products from this company can be used in daily life.
  • Because the products are eco friendly and comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • But, there are more other companies which have much better compensation plans, more income sources and can be believed.

Why you should not join?

The Company does not guarantee earnings.
The Company does not guarantee earnings. Source:
  • Since, This company has not issued a single Disclosure Statement in 25 years., it is not recommended to join.
  • Also, Negative review about their products is one of the major factor. For example peoples are claiming that Norviro EnviroCloth is similar to normal cleaning cloth. But company claims that this product can kill bacteria upto 99%.
  • You can not find Compensation plan of this company in their official website.
  • They are utilizing the confident of people by motivating them because they are using mouth to mouth advertizing method to make people that they can get starter kit for free. But, if within the 90 days, if you are unable to do business worth 2000 dollars, you have to pay for that.
  • High price of products.

Alternatives for Norwex

  • Amway – Since, Amway is related with health, beauty and home care products it is having over 8.80 billion turnover and have its headquater in Michigan, USA.
  • Avon – Also, Avon is the top MLM company whose headquater is located in London, having beauty, household and personal care products. This company has made over 5.70 Billion USD turnover.
  • Herbalife – Nutrition and weight control products are the main reason behind 4.50 billion USD turnover. It’s headquater is located in California, USA.

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