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How to install Amazon Appstore in Windows 11 from India and Non-US countries

You can only install Amazon Appstore from the US. But, with this trick, you can install the amazon app store in windows 11 from any country. Also, You must be an insider or Dev user of Windows 11 to get android apps installed on your PC. If you haven’t installed Windows 11, you must upgrade your OS to Windows 11.

Installing and Updating Windows 11

In the first step, We should signup for the windows insider program. If you are already in the windows insider program then you can get the latest update of Windows 11 and skip this step 1.

  1. Goto, Settings and click on windows update.
  2. Click on Windows Insider Programme, Sign up for the program, and choose your Insider setting as Dev.
  3. After You select Dev Channel, Restart your coomputer.
  4. Update your PC and restart again.
Selecting DEV channel and updating windows 11

Checking If you can install Amazon Appstore

The user will need Windows 11 Build to install Amazon Appstore. To check,

1. Goto settings

2. Click on System

3. And then choose About.

4. Make suer OS Build is

5. If you have, you can proceed to the next step.

Checking Windows Build Number

Installing Amazon Appstore in Non-US countries like India

First of all, to install amazon appstore in India or any non-us countries, we should change our region and language. To do so, follow below steps:

  1. Goto Settings, Click on Time and Language and Click on Language and Region.
  2. Now, From Region Change your Country or Region to United States.
  3. Also, Change Regional format to English(United States)
  4. After changing Country or Region and Regional Format, Restart your computer.
changing region and language in windows 11 setting
Changing Region and Language: Windows 11

After Restarting your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Goto Microsoft Store
  2. Click on Library and click on Get Updates
  3. After getting Updates, Search and install for Amazon Appstore on Microsoft Store.
getting updates in microsoft store
getting updates in microsoft store
installing amazon appstore in india
Installing amazon appstore in india

Congratulations, You have successfully installed Amazon Appstore in Windows 11 from India.

Download Windows 11 from Here

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