How to start food truck business in Nepal?

Dear potential food truck owner, you might be thinking about a lot of things regarding your business. For example: where do I start? How do I differentiate myself from all the other food trucks that’s on every other corner of the street? Is my risk worth it? Well, I wrote this article for you by researching on-field with the owners and consulting food experts so you don’t have to waste your valuable time and resources. Here is how to start food truck business in Nepal.

How to start food truck business in nepal?
Food Truck Business

Challenging yourself and the competition alongside is a hectic task but first let’s cover up the basics of what we need as soon as we can.

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Run Business Legally

Mayor Balen Shah- Kathmandu Metro

In recent days, you may have heard about action of Kathmandu Metro to remove footpath business in Kathmandu Valley. So, before starting your business on field, register your business in Metro, get PAN for your business, and also register in “Gharelu tatha sana udhyog”. Giving tax to country makes our overall economy stronger.



I have seen some trucks that have 2-3 pages of food options but not necessarily the ingredients needed to make them. there’s this unspoken misconception between the owners that most of the general public only wants to try out what they are familiar with but that doesn’t always turn out to be true. If you want to stand out, your target audience shouldn’t just include people working a 9-5job or students returning home but foodies who enjoy tasting new. This doesn’t mean you have to have an item that nobody else does. It means your menu should be the reason people talk about you with others.



Location is one of the most important aspects of your food truck because nothing else matters if you just can’t be easily accessible to the people around you. since I have no idea where you reside, I would suggest to find yourself and your truck in someplace center to the market but not in a location where you’re easily camouflaged. It is not as simple as I stated but I can guarantee you a spacious environment is what everyone seeks in this crowded country. Utilizing that mindset is vital for your food truck business.

Working Hours

If Nepal had more active night-life, I think clubs and food trucks  would be the leading source of income for the country. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Your working hours should directly co-relate to what kind of items you will be feeding your customers. Let’s say you open your gates at 7, you have to have breakfast variations at that time. tea, egg-sandwiches, mostly stuff you’d eat to last your energy till meal. If you want to stay up till the cops knock on your door to shut it down, customers might seek something heavy to replace their dinner. I hope you see where I’m getting at.  Planning a vision for the day will be far more efficient than improvising your reliability.

Quality Cuisine

If your food is one of the best things the world has ever tasted, you won’t earn any loyalty if your item makes a mess in your consumer’s digestion process. Hygiene of your venture and healthy ingredients may sometimes get entangled with the taste of the food. Many food truck owners sacrifice one for the other. Finding that sweet spot in the middle will lead you to the road of success. Your food truck should be the reason neat freaks and hygiene enthusiasts change their mind about street food in Nepal. 

Branding and Marketing

Brand Name

To give you an honest opinion, most of the people don’t really catch the name of food trucks or really care. They just want to eat something quick and good and get  going on their own way. but if your truck is in people’s  talks, its important that they mention your brand name instead of “that truck joint at second street”. Establishing your brand is a slow and lengthy process which can’t happen overnight but when it does, your effort will be worth it. be careful as to what you name your venture. Make it sound unique but not complicated enough that people don’t want to say it out loud.


Storage Capacity

When you start off your day, you’ll never know how many and what kind of people will be in your joint trying to eat what kind of food and  how many plates.  So, managing your expectations can be quite difficult sometimes. preparing for the best-case scenario is the only way you will not run out of ingredients for the day. Now, budget might be a problem for many of us as buying space is more expensive than buying time itself but you must have enough room to backup your essentials.

Experience validity

One might find comfort in knowing that the person responsible for feeding them is a professional with some level of experience. Whether you’re a professional chef or a homegrown cook, the quality in making of the food and final product speaks volume in itself. Sincerity in cooking is your best experience. Own up to it!

Sensation and virality

Unless you’re living under a rock, you might be familiar with the viral sensation of “Chwassa Dai”. A chatpate vendor owner turned tiktoker. Now im a big chatpate and panipuri fan coming from a terai livelihood so I had to check him out. This might be a controversial take but chwassa dai’s chwassa chatpates are not that good but the amount of people simply gathered to taste the guy’s recipe based on a few squeaky feminine catchphrases blew my mind. I found out that you do not need to do something crazy, but portraying an immersive character is enough sometimes.


Putting an insurance on your food truck is a smart thing to do and not doing it might be a dumb thing to do. You definitely don’t want to see your growing business collapse just because of an accident. If you are on a tight budget, rethinking a risky decision thrice wouldn’t hurt you or your business in any way although underestimating casualty and consequences might.

Event-centric (if mobile)

Event centric

One of the major benefits of owning a food-truck is its mobility if you manage to profit off of it. stationing yourself outside an open event for example might attract a few visitors. That would also be an opportunity for you to market yourself while making a quick buck side by side. Of course, you have to keep up with what’s going on in your town and where you might find a large portion of people. Mobility does also come with flaws like lack of customer loyalty since you’re moving a lot. So, the decision is as flexible as your café on wheels.


There are hundred more factors that I probably didn’t mention that would make your food truck business boom but the 10 factors that I did talk about would never let your hustle fail.  Give your all and expect much less if you’re starting new. If you’ve established yourself already and feel like you’re failing, never be discouraged to experiment. Find your target audience which doesn’t have to be within a certain demographic. People like change with a hint of familiarity. The moment your customers find a connection with you or the food or the environment is the moment you start finding success. This applies to more than your food truck business.