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1 Year Blog Plan | Learn to Blog For Free

Blogging is the art of writing articles or blogs online as self-published. You can learn to blog and earn money with this blog plan. In this post, I have shared a 1-year blog plan from day 1 with you. We are expecting to get approve Adsense approval after 6 months and we will have significant income after a year.

How to start a blog and make money?

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Choosing Domain Name and Hosting

On day 1, You should buy a domain name and host for your website. You can use for searching old domains with good DA. Don’t forget to check the overall health status of the domain. Check the spam score and check if the domain has been penalized by google. You can use Hostinger or any hosting platform. Since Hostinger provides premium services at cheap rates, I suggest you use Hostinger.

Buying Domain and Hosting from Hostinger

Step 1: Goto Hostinger Website

Step 2: Click on the Hosting From menu and choose WordPress Hosting or click here.

Step 3: Choose any plan that you like.

hostinger plans
Step 4: Select the payment period, create your account, select the payment method, and click on submit secure payment method.

Step 5: Choose a domain name for you, Enter your details and click on finish domain registration.

Step 6: Choose WordPress, create a username and password for admin login for your website. Click on continue.

Step 7: Choose a template, select your server location and click on finish setup.

Step 7: Congratulations, your website is online.

hosting  setup

Website Development

Just start your website with WordPress. It will take around 1-2 hours for the complete setup of the website if you are new to WordPress. If you have already used WordPress before, you can make your website in around 10 minutes. Don’t invest too much time in website Designing. Around 99% of people never complete their website. So, Install WordPress, choose proper themes, install essential plugins and start blogging.

Which Theme To Use

There are tons of themes available for WordPress. It may be confusing for you to choose. Believe me, a simple theme will provide you with more earning than a complex theme. I suggest you use Astra or Hestia theme.

Essential Plugins: Don’t forget to change your login page from /admin to /anything. Learn here how to change the URL of Login. Install, Rank Math for SEO, and also install Easy Table of Contents Plugins.

How to Make money from Blog?

You can use Ezoic, AdSense,, Adsterra, or any ad network to monetize your website. You can even earn from promoting certain brands, or through affiliate programs.

Blog Plan

blog plan

Blog Plan – Month 1

Remember the last query which answer was not on google. There are millions of people on this earth searching for every question that comes to your mind. In Your first post, you are writing an answer to a specific query or question. For example, if your niche is Android, you can find specific queries like How to enable developer option on OPPO F19 Pro+?

Just post 3-5 specific posts within the second month. Submit a sitemap of your website to Google Search Console and other search engines. You can generate a sitemap in WordPress using Yoast SEO. Provide value to your user. Make sure that the query of the user will be solved through your post.

In the first month, you will have zero, 0 visitors.

Blog Plan – Month 2-5

You should post 50% specific posts and 50% info posts. “[Top 33] Business Ideas in 2022 having More Profit” is an info post. In the info post, there is high competition. You should post at least 35-40 posts. Since you have few visitors, Don’t apply for AdSense before 5 months.

Within 5 months you should have at least 20/30 clicks from google search.

Blog Plan – Month 6-8

After month 6, You should start writing pillar posts. At least 10 pillar posts should be posted. Quality should be focused on during this phase. You can apply for Adsense and Media monetization.

Blog Plan – Month 8-12

Update the posts posted before. Improve the quality of all posts. At this phase, you should have a significant amount of viewers and earnings from your website. Post at least 50 posts.

How to get success in Blogging?

get success in blogging

Blogging can be the next source of income for you if you are consistent, learning capability, and have time. If you don’t have those three qualities, the above blog plan is a waste for you. Here are a few points that can help you to get success in blogging.

  • Be constistent in number of posts per month. For example you can have 2 posts per week throughout the year.
  • Don’t give full time to blogging in initial days. I have seen many people investing their initial days fully in blogging. You can give full time on blogging, once you have developed proper blogging skill, and having income from your blog.
  • Don’t use AI or auto-blogging for posts becaues post generated by AI or auto blogger do not contains emotions of the writer.
  • Please, don’t invest more than 1-2 days in website development.
  • Try to get organic views. Don’t use social media for traffic.
  • There is not any best blogging course. You must sharpen your blogging skill yourself.

How to start a blog with no money?

Well, If you are serious to earn money with blogging, you must buy a .com domain and web hosting. But, if you just want to start your journey on blogging, you can use Blogger. Buying a .com domain and using free blogger Webhosting can be the best idea if you have a low budget.



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